Submit form using jquery ajax in codeigniter

Listing 4: This consists of the html and PHP code div id"loadplace?php echo msg_id;?
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Create a getUserDetails method to fetch ajax post username user detail from users table submit and return an Array to the controller.
Controller, navigate to application/controllers/ directory and create a p file.
Here using are the descriptions for jquery what those options stands for.Make ajax call either from the view or external script file.And here we'll see how to use ajax in code igniter for form submission.Read How to post form data submit using Angularjs and codeigniter?After creating view, now lets talk about form Ajax post method, here I created.Figure 3 Multipart form page Listing 8: Support for all browsers The code defined in Listing 7 may not always support all browsers, mainly older ones.Completed Code?php defined basepath OR exit codeigniter No direct script access allowed class User ajax extends CI_Controller public function index / load base_url / load view public function userDetails / post data postData this- input- post /load model / get data data echo json_encode(data.All things are set up and we can start setting up our form.

Then you should include jquery library and episode add js snippet which will collect the form live data (in our case it's just email id) and submit the form via jquery's ajax method.
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Forms are largely used on a number of websites to collect data that may be dock required to be obtained from a user.
Ajax forms can be used with many other methods.Undefined) / for html5 browsers var formdata new FormData(this.ajax( url: formurl, type: 'post data: formdata, contentType: false, cache: false, processData:false, success: function(data, textStatus, jqXHR), error: function(jqXHR, textStatus, errorThrown) eventDefault.unbind else /for older browsers /generation of any random id var iframeID 'unique' (new Date.getTime /create.You must already be aware that jQuery is engine a JavaScript library that is largely used for cross platform usage and also basically meant to simplify the overall scripting process on the client-side.On success it's easy to use, but for automatic validation errors submit you have to edit the validation class or windows all the errors will be in the same bubble.Js' type'text/javascript' /script script type'text/javascript' var baseURL "?php echo base_url?Setting up CodeIgniter and jQuery with jQuery UI: First of all get, codeIgniter and pick jQuery UI with your favorite color scheme.' span class"ui-icon keys ui-icon-alert" '.msg.You can read how to use helpers from CodeIgniters user guide.Also, we have used the likes of jQuery and Ajax to again implement another slightly different feature, that being multipart form/data submission.The ajax part is in the script tags.User_p Include script file Load external script file in view script src'?php echo base_url?that use in ajax call.