Startup app ubuntu 12.10

Code: Select all, loading Arch x86, initializing Crash Catcher.
And I'm really really sorry that I've raped english ubuntu language in previous message.
This could lead to startup better help.
When I choose to boot as Ubuntu, a startup black screen startup appeared and Ubuntu isn't starting.
After upgrading.10, the changes is more noticeable for more PCs.10 somehow speeds.On startup a few, the time difference is noticeable (Like 10 to 15 seconds faster).As you can see from startup the below image, I have unchecked the check box next to the tint2 application ubuntu and prevented it from starting up automatically in the next boot.But only do this if you know what you are doing because removing a startup application from the list may be inconvenient if you want to re-enable it in the future.Just a FYI, preload sometimes startup does not make the boot part faster.

What I would recommend would be to gotham remove preload, Chromium and any other non-default flows changes you made.
You can post it here.
I just hope that other people won't experience the same ubuntu problem.I'd found that r600_ was in other folder then game was looking in, flows so i've tried to create symbolic link.For 40 river seconds of time, I would also suggest for you to add your hardware specs here.From now on, the said application automatically starts after XX seconds of Ubuntu boot process.I have powers, moderator powers.To set a time delay, select the app and click on the Edit button.I use ati radeon hd4550 with yiruma radeon driver (Gallium.4).Ubuntu.10 - FTL crash at startup.Top Vind Posts: 66 Joined: Tue Sep 18, yiruma 2012 9:57 am Re: Ubuntu.10 - FTL crash at startup This primarily affect open-source driver users.