Speech to text mac os x

Mac OS has speech a large number of high quality voices available from Nuance in many languages and dialects.
Rtf found on the text desktop, you would use the following speech command: say -f do note that the say command will speak the entire command unless it has been halted by hitting controlc together to end the speech engine.
Adjust the voice selections found within the System Voice menu.
To start, open the System Preferences speech panel under the Apple icon and click text on Dictation and Speech.You may need to cut and paste the text you want for the MP3 in the user interface.Something else to keep in mind is that the functionality that the speech APIs in OS X provide text is not one to one.Open Dictation and Speech, click on the System Voice combobox and click on Customize.

How to Use Text to Speech on Mac.
VoiceOver will not read in chaudhary Microsoft Office for Mac or in Adobe Acrobat Reader for Mac.
TTS, mac OS software X also has a Text to Speech Option which will read selected text when the user presses a user defined Shortcut Key.
It is a simpler option than VoiceOver to use for reading e-texts for people with learning disabilities.
This comes a bit late perhaps, but I'll chime in anyway.8, select the Voice that update you like.Do not set the key combination to anything that you already use, update because it fringe will be over written.Go to the Edit menu and september then pull down to Speech (or right-click and choose Speech).I don't know about Cocoa, but the Carbon Speech Recognition Manager does allow you to specify inputs other than a microphone so a sound stream would work just fine.The terminal is a bit more powerful than the standard text-to-speech engine though, and you can easily specify a new voice by using the -v flag, followed by the voicename as its labeled in Mac.Say -v Milena -r.3, press the key-combination that you would like to use.Nonetheless, its still extremely easy episodes to use, so dont fringe be shy to try it out: Launch the Terminal app, found within /Applications/Utilities, and type the say command followed by a word or phrase, like so: say hello I love m, the output voice is going.Click here for more info and to download Books2Burn.This program has not been tested by our office yet but our understanding is that it will only open text files.The Carbon stuff provides functionality that has not made it to NSSpeechRecognizer (the docs make some mention of this).In earlier Mac OS X versions, changing the Mac system voice and speech rate is done here: Open System Preferences from the Apple menu and choose Dictation Speech.

To use the text to speech to hear your text without recording it, choose Edit, Speech, Start Speaking speech to text mac os x in TextEdit (choose Edit, Speech, Stop Speaking when youre done).
How to Change Change the Voice Rate of Speech on Mac.
The hotkey for starting VoiceOver for all Mac version since.5 is CommandF5.