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Another problem for carriers is the challenge of optical deploying and integrating diverse technologies in one physical infrastructure.
Furthermore, dwdm optical allows service providers to do it on a broad range of wavelengths in the.55m region.
Carriers can address specific problem areas that are fiber book congested because of high capacity demands.
For example, each time providers double the number of channels or the bit rate, 3 dB of additional signal-to-noise margin is needed.
Key dwdm System fiber Characteristics There are certain key characteristics of acceptable and optimal communication dwdm systems.Because incoming signals are never fiber terminated in the optical layer, the interface can be bit-rate and format independent, allowing the service provider to integrate dwdm technology easily with existing equipment in the network while gaining access to the untapped capacity in the embedded fiber.Automatic adjustment of the optical amplifiers when channels are added or removed achieves fiber optimal system performance.Standard transaction language 1 interfaces are widely available for dwdm systems.

This is especially helpful where multiple rings intersect between two directory nodes, resulting in fiber exhaust.
SDH has a similar structure with STMn building block resulting in signal rates of STS1 through malaysia STM64.
From a QoS (Quality of Service) stand point, dwdm-based networks create a lower cost way to quickly respond to customers' bandwidth demands and protocol changes.
An additional benefit of optical networking is that the highway is blind to the type of traffic that travels.Dwdm is discussed as a crucial component of optical networks that allows the transmission of e-mail, video, multimedia, data, and voicecarried in Internet protocol (IP asynchronous transfer mode (ATM and synchronous optical network/synchronous digital hierarchy (sonet/SDH respectively, over the optical layer.Because the optical layer carries signals without any additional multiplexing, carriers can quickly introduce ATM or IP without deploying an overlay network.Capacity friend Expansion Potential By beginning with dwdm, service providers can establish a grow-as-you-go infrastructure, which setup allows them to add current and next-generation TDM systems for virtually endless capacity expansion (see Figure 4).The system maintains a high transmission performance, ensuring a low error rate over a very long reach of up to 640 kilometers.Autor: m/notes/ optical - communication - pdf -notes-oc- pdf -notes text books : optical communication Notes pdf OC Notes pdf OC Pdf Notes Optical Fiber Communications Gerd Keiser, Mc Graw-Hill International edition, 3rd Edition, 2000.Light propagation in an Optical Fiber.While the answer is yes for all dwdm systems, planning for this is critical.Dwdm, dense Wavelength malaysia Division Multiplexing ( An efficient way of using Optical fibre cable infrastructure).One way to alleviate fiber exhaust is to lay more fiber, and, for those networks where the cost of laying new fiber is minimal, this will prove the most economical solution.Because a dwdm infrastructure can deliver the necessary friend capacity expansion, laying a foundation based on this technology is viewed as the best place to start.The STS1 payloads are then multiplexed to be sent out on the single fiber at a single rate: OC3 to OC12 to OC48 and eventually to OC 192.