Mxkey new setup 3.5

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(Fixed, DCT4 UEM imei read on HTI) - SX4auth is now automatically performed after "Repair SD".
Improved, SL3 simlock RPL restore (If simlock restore fail, data will be written as PM) BB (BlackBerry Tool) - Improved Device scan - Added, standalone setup MEP Code calc - Total 236 meps supported required setup HTI setup firmware version.17 - Added New MEP list.
NK setup (Herramienta de Nokia Service) - Se ha añadido, standalone DCT4plus RSA para desbloquear HTI Requiere la versión de firmware.17 HTI - Se ha añadido, standalone DCT4/DCT4plus imei calc RPL para HTI Requiere la versión de firmware.17 HTI - Se ha añadido,.NK - Added, Baud selection for X-gold flashing.Added local ping check for 'Server mxkey List' setup - Added taskbar progress support for Windows 7 NK(Nokia Service Tool) - Fully reworked mxkey flashing routines(workaround for HTI flashing bug) - htibox connected as additional security service(if any) when using USB connection for standalone BB5 security fix.Fijo, RPL restauración en los teléfonos BB5 doble asic.Original from: ml, copyright.Group: Administrador Posts: 3,384 Reputation: 0 Location: Status: Offline mxkey / mxbox.5 revision.2 - major update - The only BOX with TMA included.5 revision.2, Public-Release - major update - The only BOX with TMA included mxkey and mxbox world social networking.

17 pcs SL3 cables in 1 SET, 36 phones clymers supported Buy mxbox only books from: mxbox authorized distributors and resellers list MX-KEY official web sites: International - mxkey Homepage (in construction) Indonesia - MX engine Key indonesia WebSite MX-KEY official support forums: Indonesia: mxkey Dongle Philippine: Gsmph.
Fixed, SD customkey detection on SD Auth.
Group: Administrador Posts: 3,384 Reputation: 0 Location: Status: quotes Offline mxbox nokia standalone BOX - New update mxkey / engine mxbox.4 revision.1, Public-Release mxkey and mxbox mxbox HTI (High Tech Interface) nokia flasher standalone SX4auth, SD repair, setup simlock repair, NCK calc, SL3 hash calc and.Welfreng, usuario Activo, group: Administrador, posts: 168, reputation: 0, location: Status: Offline.Original from: ml, copyright m, mxkey / mxbox.5 revision.7 Nokia friend Tool added: - SL3 RSA Signature verify on "Read Hash sha readed by MX now is 100 valid - Disk usage cheat info on fire.HTI firmware update routine implemented.Dat) - Updated "supported_mep.