Greasemonkey tutorial for beginners

greasemonkey tutorial for beginners

(There really are some unpleasant background colour beginners choices out there.).
Below picture explains how grease monkey works.
So pick a tutorial website you want to change the background of and put it in the @include box (here I'm using m and set the other fields as appropriate.
When testing, remember: you're not actually doing anything to the web page you're editing.
To install a script that someone else has written, you navigate to its location in Firefox and click on greasemonkey the link beginners to the script.Topics covered: GreaseMonkey Installation, hello World Example, adding a Button.Most of the information on this site is helpful.All this first script does is to change the background colour of any pages from sites in the include domain to white.From one place beginners you can control everything related to userscripts on your system The left sidebar shows list of all scripts installed.(You can also visit, greaseMonkey Addon Page like other firefox greasemonkey extensions clicking on above should prompt a install now greasemonkey dialog as shown below.In your Firefox window, once you've downloaded and installed Greasemonkey, there'll be a little monkey face in the right-hand corner of the status bar.Onclick showAlert; tAttribute style.For a page without frames or other complications, this is very straightforward: just a single line.

So you can toggle it off, check how the page looks currently, toggle it on, emulator reload and see what your monthly script is doing.
# Introduction, greasemonkey is a Firefox extension for altering the web pages you visit.
# Installing GreaseMonkey Userscripts, next comes important part of installing userscripts.UserScript / @name Hello World / @namespace m / @include * ebook / @version 1 / /UserScript var xbox eateElement input input.User scripts are written in JavaScript, but be warned: for security reasons, this isn't just a question of writing demon regular JavaScript and away you.It's a Firefox extension, installed in the same way as harrison any other Firefox extension (find it via the Tools Addons menu and hit Install).Part ebook 1 - Your first Greasemonkey script.Greasemonkey Manual for starters.

The 'name' is just the name of your script it's best to choose something that greasemonkey tutorial for beginners obviously indicates what it does, for ease of script management later.
Greasemonkey performs these alterations using specially written javascript files called userscripts.
Requirement: Greasemonkey is firefox extension, so it can run on every platform on which firefox runs (that includes Windows, Linux, Mac, etc).