Focus rs 2015 awd

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However, you cannot argue with results: a prototype version of the brand-new 2015 Civic Type R completed a lap of the Nurburgring in 7:50.63, effectively breaking the record for the quickest time by a front-wheel-drive car focus on the legendary track.
Forgive us for being skeptical, but it was genuinely difficult to believe Ford focus would throw down more power into a Focus than even its Ecoboost Mustang.
In fact, Ford announced that there is also a special drift mode that can actively delivers a controlled oversteer at the track.Of torque at 2,500 rpm.With power and performance focus figures yet to be finalised, its little surprise that Ford has yet to be announce what the pricing is for the new Focus RS, but it should be a more affordable beast than the previous small-run Focus RSes.Normally, all it takes to create a hot hatch focus is a moderate engine tune and a firmer suspension setup to deliver better handling for driving enthusiasts.The brand-new all-wheel-drive system focus for the Focus RS includes a torque-vectoring focus system with twin electronically controlled clutch packs that control the rear drive.

At R, the Civic Type R not only sets the dampers to its stiffest setting, but also tightens the steering and quickens the throttle response.
Whats more, would Ford actually fit an AWD drivetrain to a Focus hatch?
The cylinder head has also been revised and the cast iron cylinder liners are made stronger as well.
Up to 70 disco percent of the power can be distributed focus to the rear power axle.To avoid ending the Focus RS focus discussion on a low note, we bring focus anos some good news: despite all the dramatic changes, rest assured that the new Focus RS will exclusively offer a six-speed focus manual gearbox.In order to tackle a track as tricky as the Nurburgring, it is obvious that the new 2015 Civic Type R is more than just its engine.The third generation Ford Focus RS has made its big debut, and it will feature a number of firsts for the uber-Focus: all-wheel drive, a 4-cylinder engine, a 5-door hatchback body style and global sales.A functional rear diffuser and an enormous rear wing complete focus the time-attack look.Exterior changes include a power hump on the bonnet, an aggressive trapezoidal grille funnels air into the engine, a reworked rear bumper with diffuser, and a large rear spoiler.Ford claims that the revised engine can rev up to 6,800rpm.