Does powerdvd 12 standard play blu ray

does powerdvd 12 standard play blu ray

Anyway, we had to shelve the project because it standard isn't big enough to be worth buying scenarist or paying Sony for authoring.
And it was mentioned previously to me that I should get firmware updates.
When I load the disc into the computer, I can see all the releveant folders and files, ie: bdmv etc., so I know that it's burning, but it wont run.
You mention BD-r and BD-RE compatability, but I have to assume they would be compatable with a new play sony player.I suppose play that could be it, although it seems weird standard that both computers and a new set top player couldn't play the disc.Where do you go to get the updates?Encore CS3 powerdvd for authoring, media: standard Sony BD-RE rewritable disc, bottom line: the disc will not play.They refuse to help me by email, insist that I log on via chat, when I do, the login refuses to acknoledge standard play that my sony model exists so I cant log-on.It should be a stable enough platform to author.I'll keep posting as I go through this process in case anyone else is enduring the same pain.Neste caso você pode contatá-los via facebook ou, suporte ao Cliente para que eles possam manualmente enviar os códigos em até 24 horas.

John johnr Re: Blu Ray Authoring hell by Warren Eig on Jun 2, 2008 at 7:39:49 am Chris Pettit "To my great suprise the most common Sony BluRay player, the BDP-S300 will NOT play BD-R or BD-RE discs.
Ele também reproduz discos de Blu-ray em aacs, blackout BD e a mais recente proteção MKB sem perda de qualidade.
That said, I can't thank everyone enough for sleeping all their time and expertise.
I would try the newest version of Cyberlink's Power DVD Ultra, which ebook is designed for playing Blu-Ray discs on the computer.
Once I realized that, I read up and discovered that the BDP-S500 does play those discs.Am I doing something stupid?You cant make this stuff.I have never had providence problems with the mpeg2 encoder.BTW, the problems I encountered only had to do with completing successful transcodes.Played the BD-RE with no problems Thanks again for everyones help!I had the same disco problem creating on the Mac.Zak "You can't fix coverage in post." Re: Blu Ray Authoring hell by Chris Pettit on May 29, 2008 at 5:09:00 pm OK, the latest: Repeatedly contacted sony support in a failed attempt to get firmware or driver update info on built in BD player/ burner.Not in the computer using the provided software player, and not in the Blu Ray set top box.Just bought the S300, it was ready english to go out of the box.I get an error message that says my display knows is not BD sony display - the one that came with my sony BluRay authoring machine!

We've been chasing a button routing issue with BluRay for two weeks now.
I thought I does powerdvd 12 standard play blu ray had checked out all relevant posts here before starting this thread, but I missed this one.
I bought this particular set of computers for the Blu Ray capability, but they are also.5 years old.