Dior addict 2012 perfume review

So, dior at the risk of dior re-stating what may already be common knowledge among the ladies' crowd on Basenotes: if review you ever get a chance to try Addict, do yourself the favor.
This one, however, stands out to me as very nice - in fact, only one of two that I request the girlfriend wear by name (Angel EDP addict being the other).
The projection and sillage are enough to provide a definite come-hither effect, but it's not loud, and stays composed for a lengthy wearing.
The Dior Addict fragrance collection is characterized by strong review contrasts, boldness and versatility.
Even better, if you have a significant other, invite him along, spray and wait 5 minutes then have him smell you.I am a fan of sweetish-gourmand fragrances; Midnight in Paris and Pure review dior Malt for example.Whatever they are though, dior they evoke the words "smooth "warm" and "intoxicating".So I wanted to return the favor and add my commentary on Addict (2012 in case one man's perspective is informative to a prospective female buyer.Dior's iconic Addict collection describes the many facets of womens identity, her freedom and love for colors.

Dior Addict Eau Fraîche optical 2012 church will be available in 20ml and 50ml versions.
Vanilla is the only note in the fragrance that I'm sure I'm familiar with, the others have exotic-sounding names that I'm sure are euphemisms for atypical aroma-chemicals, and because they're new to me I can't even clearly identify them.
The bottle comes in a small bag crowned with a metal spray head, like a sexy lipstick, the perfect companion for young women who are always on the go, the female urban traveler.
I'd say it's an all-day affair.
Dior Addict Eau Fraîche 2012 fragrance composition is fruity and floral, fresh, lively and full of professional desire.The aroma of Addict is feminine and classy, but sensual at the same time.I think this corporate fragrance dresses upscale or down just fine.Christian Dior Addict Eau Fraîche 2012 comes in a beguiling version bottle in minimalist design like an object of desire, immersed in a vivid and cheerful pink of softness and metallic transparency.Each of Dior Addict fragrance represents an audacious woman with a strong serial personality.Addict is very similar to those in key respects, but wears so much differently on female skin, or at least for my windows favorite female."A luminous, glittery fragrance full of freshness and desire." - François Demachy.This new collection for 2012 is described as an oriental, fresh and floral trio advertised by gorgeous Dutch model Daphne Groeneveld.I don't think its a 4-season fragrance, but it does seem to wear fine edition in temperate or cold weather, anything but the heat really.Dior Addict Eau Fraîche 2012 is, bright and tangy, refreshing and woody at the same time.I don't get this same effect from many female fragrances, which tend to be floral or fresh to my nose - all of which is nice, it's just not "woof!Dior Addict Eau de Parfum.

Dior Addict 2012 collection is available from June 2012.
The base is an exuberant blend of radiant energy that culminates in a powerful structured mix of woodsy notes and sensual white musk.
I always appreciate the ladies' perspective on dior addict 2012 perfume review the men's fragrances.