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They're then treated to this exchange: Player: The world is round.
Justified Tutorial : Usually done by making your character new to controlling robos.
Rahu Parts, to get the first set of parts, go to the Z custom Headquarters, talk to Oboro, and robo select Eliza's Mansion.
Custom Robo is an action/third-person shooter/RPG/mecha video games series created by Noise and published by Nintendo.This would be robo perfectly normal, given that they are the heads of factions of an evil organization, but becomes questionable when we learn that the original Z-Syndicate boss didn't intend for the Z-Syndicate to be an evil organization custom at all.The best-known game to North American players is the.Weaksauce Weakness : The 7 foot 5 inch tall/286 pound criminal Ogre "Cleaver" Bullock from Arena dislikes the smell of milk acording to his profile.Mars in Arena, with Scythe impersonating him.Not quite a real tournament in practice, though, as it's ultimately every character in the game.He custom will say that his Robo is obsolete, and the Robo he is using is actually the Ray Legend Robo.The soundtrack was light-hearted, and even the sound effects were custom cartoony and humourous.You will get the Wave Laser gun illegal part.Also custom from Arena, the aptly-named Carat robo.Contemplate Our Navels : The gargantuan Info Dump near the end of the Gamecube game.

In there you will see lots of people games talking about what they did for the game (similar to racing "talking" credits).
Also, the Z-Syndicate bosses after the schism: Oboro, Eliza, and Isabella are very obviously evil by their personalities racing (and in at least Oboro's case, appearance).
Finish the three matches and a new stage will be unlocked.However, all the battles in Z headquarters after those will reward you with illegal parts, such as the Wyrm, Wolf Spider, Orca, Cheetah, Swallow, Raven, and Eclipse.Even Evil Has internet Standards : Evil of Battle Revolution, during a tag-team tournament, when your partner is in the middle of a Heroic BSoD, he tells his partner to stop fighting (making fringe the match a 1 on 1) claiming he doesn't like season fighting.Suspiciously Specific Denial : From Custom Robo Arena-"Marv?This security Is a Drill : The Drill Gun.Fearful Symmetry : VariationEliza and Isabella are left-handed and right-handed respectively.Bling of War : From GX and Arena, the.I.R.S.Old Master : Stark ( Arena ).

Teleport Spam : Quite a useful application of this ability.
I'll gladly choose the cackling, flamboyantly-dressed man named Evil for my bounty hunting needs.
Of the series, this is the only one that reached America.