Ace stream media player

Considering that the majority of our users browse player content on websites and trackers that don't provide high-quality http-support, that would allow to start media playing the content in seconds, stream we included a new feature - playing advertising video-spots (announcements to movies, etc.) at pre-buffering time.
as well as with web players based on any technology, including html5.Anyway you can always disable this option or use rewind function, if a particular video-spot will be not interesting for you!Thank you for choosing and using Ace Stream software!To find out ID of playing content you need to open tab «player code and links» in the player.ACE player Player HD - multimedia player (modified and enhanced version of VLC player with a feature of online video and audio playback, via torrent files, without waiting for content download.

With this extension you can play all video on You Tube directly through torrents in our web player (full support of player P2P, via BitTorrent protocol, is implemented).
3, eASY steps to move to a new level of a high-quality multimedia space.
If you want to make a comparative test and player clearly see advantages of Ace Stream over any other existing programs, just start playback of these torrent files via torrent client that you know, which have a feature of video playback without waiting for complete download.
Use a torrent which has http-seed with a quality source of stream support (in which the upload speed will not be media lower than the bitrate speed of the playing file or several http-seeds, which is even better.
Then you can compare player the rate of waiting time before the start of playback.Some nuances of automatic update of TS Magic Player extension, in Firefox: 1) if at the moment of installation an old version of the extension is installed on your media computer, then a new version will be disabled after installing (to activate it you need.Desktop player for playing torrents, assembly contains desktop version of the player (ACE Player HD which will allow you to launch and play torrents in it, as ordinary video and audio files.Install only what you need!What's new: New implementation of http-seeding!How can that be!?You will be able to use the most functional and the best in the world web player on pages of various sites, including YouTube and other popular video sharing, as well as on all sites that use Ace Stream technology.We decided to combine the capabilities of these add-ins and add our implementation, which is actually an innovative, allowing you to erase brink in the area of quick start and rewind response while playing online video and audio content, between media platforms, built on the.Version Ace Stream.1 Media is presented as an installation package of Ace Stream software, which contains the following products: Ace Stream HD the main software product that provides work of all features and capabilities of Ace Stream technology (engine to control multimedia streams).We hope that you will like this option, which allows you to spend time before playing the main content with pleasure, relieving you from a view of blank screen, as it was before.

You don't have to worry about a possible lack of disk space due to replete cache folder, that you have allocated for Ace Stream System.
Now complete ace stream media player seeding of cached content is carried out!